(512) Brewing Company is a self distributed draft-only brewery. We offer our products in 50L kegs (13.2gal/16″ diameter) and select styles in 1/4bbl slims (7.75gal/11″ diameter). Per Texas law, we are not allowed to sell directly to the consumer. If you are looking to have a keg at your party, contact your favorite keg retailer. We strive to keep beer well stocked and the draft lines clean. Orders placed can generally be expected the next business day. If you have a service related issue, please contact us as soon as possible so we can address the issue quickly. Existing AUSTIN customers looking to place an order: Austin order line: (512) 921-1545 Austin order by email: orders@512brewing.com To create a NEW ACCOUNT anywhere in Texas: Dan Goodman Sales & Distribution Manager 512.717.1093 dan@512brewing.com To place orders in the DFW area: Eric Newberg Brewery Representative Dallas/Ft Worth 512.717.1125 eric@512brewing.com To place orders in the Houston area: Manny Salazar Brewery Representative Houston/Gulf Coast 512.694.4807 manny@512brewing.com To place orders in the SAN ANTONIO area: Zack Parr Brewery Representative 512.922.5132 zack@512brewing.com