(512)Double IPA

Malt Bill: Organic 2-row,crystal, wheat
Key Additions: Glacier, Nugget, Horizon, Columbus
IBU: 99
ABV: 9%
Availability: Late Summer
Configurations: 50L, 1/4slim, FIRKIN

TASTING NOTES:We went all out on the hops for our 2nd Anniversary release, a Double IPA. Eight varieties of hops (including Glacier, Horizon, Nugget, and Columbus) spread out over 10 different additions (including whole-leaf Simcoe and Nugget in the grant, and 2 separate dry-hoppings!) add up to 99 IBUs of pure hoppy goodness . A solid malt backbone supports the smooth bitterness, complex flavors, and intoxicating aroma. And like all (512) ales, this one is made using over 80% USDA certified organic ingredients. Fact Sheet