(512)Export Lager

Malt Bill: Organic Pilsner Malt, Carapils
Key Additions: Magnum, Hallertau Mittlefruh
IBU: 30
ABV: 5.3%
Availability: Long Texas Summer
Configurations: 50L, 1/4slim
ORGANIC: 88% (by dry ingredient weight)

TASTING NOTES: (512) Export Lager is our first excursion into the world of lagers. A style originally brewed in Dortmund, Germany, and labeled Dortmunder Export, this pale lager is a slightly bigger, perhaps more balanced version of the classic Pilsner. The beer is a pale gold color with a moderate bitterness from noble hops, a well attenuated body, and crisp carbonation. At 30 IBU, the bitterness is pronounced, but mellowed by 4 weeks of cold conditioning, allowing the clean Organic Pilsen malt to shine through. 93% Organic