Author: Kevin

(512)Helles Lager

Malt Bill: Best Heidelberg Malt
Key Additions: Hallertau Mittlefruh
IBU: 20
ABV: 5.12%
Availability: Long Texas Summer
Configurations: 50L, 1/4slim

TASTING NOTES: (512) Helles is a Munich style pale lager that’s gold in color and weighs in at exactly 5.12%ABV (for real)! Super light, delicious, and perfect for the Texas heat, this beer is practically 100% Bestmalz Heidelberg malt, which is super light and crisp. A kiss of Bestmalz Cara Pils lends a touch of body to round out the mouthfeel. Dry, crisp, refreshing…another crushable lager and a new brewer’s favorite. Fact Sheet

Mostly Sunny

Malt Bill: Organic 2-row, Crystal malt, Flaked wheat, Oat malt
Key Additions: Amarillo, Simcoe, Mosaic
IBU: 15
ABV: 5.9%
Availability: Seasonal
Configurations: 50L, 1/4 Slims

TASTING NOTES: Mostly Sunny is a bright and delicate hop creation featuring the “sunny” Amarillo hop alongside Simcoe and Mosaic. With low IBU and plenty of wheat and oat malt, this one is bright and smooth with hints of orange. Austin’s famous weather in a glass! Fact Sheet


Owen’s Brett Beer (OBB)

Malt Bill: Organic: 2-row, Munich, Wheat and oats
Key Additions: Brettanomyces Claussenii
IBU: 15
ABV: 6.0%
Availability: Rare
Configurations: 1/4 slim

TASTING NOTES: Owen’s Brett Beer started out as a blonde ale fermented with traditional Belgian abbey yeast. It was then placed into wine barrels and pitched with Brettanomyces Claussenii. In barrel for over 2 years, the slow and steady development of funk yields layers of complex flavors with a nice dry finish. Enjoy!

(512)Raspberry Wit

Malt Bill: Organic 2-row, white wheat malt, oats
Key Additions: Grapefruit peel, coriander, US Golding, Fresh Raspberries
IBU: 10
ABV: 5.1%
Availability: Seasonal
Configurations: 50L, 1/4 Slims

TASTING NOTES: Made in the style of the Belgian wheat beers that are so refreshing, (512) Wit is a hazy ale spiced with Organic coriander and grapefruit peel. With over 3 pounds of fresh raspberries per barrel, this seaonal treat is a special beer not to be missed! Enjoy! Fact Sheet


Malt Bill: Organic: 2-row, malted wheat and oats
Key Additions: Simcoe, Amarillo, Chinook
IBU: 0
ABV: 5.8%
Availability: when you need it most
Configurations: 50L, 1/4 slim

TASTING NOTES: Working Class Zero is a “zero IBU” creation with no hops added during the boil. Boiling hops typically transforms hop oils into bittering compounds while other oils are volatilized and escape. Plenty of hops were used in this beer, though, so don’t worry! Not boiling them preserves a lot of the flavorful essential oils, lending more hop flavor and aroma, including strong tangerine and orange with a mild, earthy complexity. A beer for the working class with less bitterness and more hop pop! Fact Sheet

(512)RYE IPA

Malt Bill: Organic 2-row, Flaked Rye, Crystal Malt
Key Additions: Columbus, Centennial
IBU: 35
ABV: 6.6%
Availability: Rye not all the time?
Configurations: 50L, 1/4 slim

TASTING NOTES: (512) Rye IPA is made using dark crystal malts to impart a copper red color and a strong malty backbone. These malts yield subtle hints of dark fruit like raisins or dates, carefully balanced with the spicy earthiness of flaked rye and the floral, savory, and citrus notes from Columbus and Centennial hops. A more balanced, old-school, IPA with less bitterness, Rye IPA targets those looking for alternatives to hazy and juicy IPAs or the bitter bombs that characterize IPAs of recent years. Enjoy! Fact Sheet


Malt Bill: Thomas Fawcetts Malts
Key Additions: UK Challenger and UK Target
IBU: 37
ABV: 5.3%
Availability: Occasionally
Configurations: 50L, 1/4 slim

TASTING NOTES: Originally our Eleventh Anniversary release, (512) ESB is a malt forward beer with flavors of biscuit, light caramel and dark fruit. Light in sweetness and somewhat dry, this beer has a slight fruitiness from English yeast and mild notes or orange and sage from UK Target hops. Low ABV makes this one easy to drink by the pint and perfect for the changing weather. Fact Sheet


Malt Bill: Organic 2-row,crystal,wheat malt
Key Additions: Simcoe, Mosaic, Amarillo
IBU: 30
ABV: 5.3%
Availability: Seasonal
Configurations: 50L, 1/4 slim, 12oz. 6-pack

TASTING NOTES: (512) Pale is a light and crushable American Pale Ale brewed with Organic 2-row malted barley and a hint of crystal malt and wheat. Hopped with some of our favorite hops like Simcoe and Amarillo, (512) Pale has a hop strike that leans citrusy balanced with crisp pale malt flavor. Fact Sheet

(512)Young Funkenstein

Malt Bill: Organic 2-row, pilsner, aromatic, caramunich, wheat
Key Additions: Brett, Pedio, Rainier Cherries
IBU: 8
ABV: 6.5%
Availability: Rare
Configurations: 1/4slim

TASTING NOTES: Young Funkenstein is a cherry sour that started as a clean copper ale fermented in stainless. Finished in thirteen 2nd use Cabernet wine barrels for a total of 24 months with added wild yeast (Brett Bruxellensis) and sour-producing bugs (Pedio), this creation has nice earthy funk and lactic acid sourness. For 10 months, over 200 pounds of dried Rainier cherries lent more sour notes with sweet undertones and a dry finish. Enjoy! Fact Sheet

(512)DECADE – Wet Hop IPA

Malt Bill: Organic 2-Row, Organic Crystal, Organic Wheat
Key Additions: 100# of Idaho 7 Wet hop
IBU:  50
ABV:  5.8%
Availability:  Limited
Configurations: 50L, 1/4 slim

TASTING NOTES: DECADE is our 10th Anniversary release and we really dove into new territory to create a hop focused IPA for the ages! 100 pounds of freshly cut Idaho 7 hops were cut and picked on one day and we brewed with them on the next. This beer is fairly low ABV at 5.8% and dry enough to let those hops shine through as hop flavor like nothing we’ve done. Dry hopped with Simcoe for a wonderful hoppy nose, this beer is a very special labor of love. Thanks for a DECADE of DRAFT and stay tuned for another one starting now! Fact Sheet