(512) Brewing Company is a 100% self distributed brewery. This means we make, sell and distribute our beer and buying it requires contacting us directly.

We offer our products in 50L kegs (13.2gal/16″ diameter), select styles in 1/4bbl slims (7.75gal/11″ diameter) and core and seasonal beer in 12oz glass bottles (6-packs and 4-packs).

Existing AUSTIN customers looking to place an order:

Austin order line: (512) 921-1545 Austin order by email: orders@512brewing.com

To create a NEW ACCOUNT anywhere in Texas:

Erick Yordy Sales & Distribution Manager 512.913.8350 erick@512brewing.com

To place orders in the DFW area :

Eric Newberg Regional Sales Rep Dallas/Ft Worth 512.717.1125 eric@512brewing.com

To place orders in the Houston area :

Manny Salazar Regional Sales Rep Houston/Gulf Coast 512.694.4807 manny@512brewing.com

To place orders in the SAN ANTONIO area :

Zack Parr Brewery Representative 512.922.5132 zack@512brewing.com